Q- How do you choose the music for my event?
A- Initially you get to choose the type of music to be played along with any particular artist or songs. We use that as a basis to play from. We then rely on the crowds response to the music played and from there we use our experience to choose music selections. We also do take requests from the guests at the event (if requests are approved by the host) to insure that the crowd is happy and having a good time.

Q- If we provide you with a CD can you play it?
A- Yes. We can play music from a CD provided by you or a guest. Although we do reserve the right to not play the CD if the content is inappropriate, such as explicit lyrics.

Q- What time do you arrive or set up for an event?
A- The DJ will usually arrive 1 hour prior to the start of the event to set up and do a sound check.

Q- Do you charge for set up time?
A- No. Set up time is included in all pricing.

Q- How far in advance can we book our reservations?
A- In most cases we book 6-12 months in advance to secure a reservation.

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